Kid’s Floor Table

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When we think of tables, we paint a mental picture of a squarish or rectangular shaped item with 4 legs. Not surprisingly then that a lot of the tables for kids in the market rather unimaginative. We figured that we wanted to break the norms. How about a 3 legged table and one that is not square or rectangle. One that has curved edges to keep the children safe. Let’s throw in a table with a top that can handle scratches and scribblings too. We also decided from observing our own kids that a floor table was probably better than one which requires a complimentary chair. No hazardous superman jumps from the chair and no falling off either.

To accomplish all that, we designed a table which uses 3 solid wood pieces as legs with a strong and durable plywood top. Finally, we finished it with a white laminate that can easily wash off simple stains and marker scribblings. We personally think it’s really cute.

Take a look at the finished product below or view more samplings of our in-house projects here.

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