Colorful Triple Trundle

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Rainbows, M&Ms and unicorns. That was the initial design brief that was conveyed to us and we knew already that this was gonna be loads of fun.

Trundle beds are wonderful when you need to fit 2 but with a little bit of tweaking, we can add a third storage layer to it to make it even more functional. The 2 boys that we built this bed for had all sorts of requests like “I want it to look like Bumble Bee!”, “It has to have a ladder!” and “I want my own drawer for my toys only!”. It was so exciting to get the kids involved in the building process.

Naturally, the parents had something to say too and with our recommendations settled for a light sky blue frame, natural wooden colored rails and yellow drawer faces (think Bumble Bee!).

Look closely and you can see one of our satisfied customer’s face in the picture. Start building today!