Tall Cot Bed

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Sleep training infants and toddlers is a concept that has been gaining a lot of traction in Singapore. Also known as the cry-it-out technique, it aims to allow little ones to be able to sleep through the night independently by comforting them at specific intervals until they learn to fall asleep themselves.

Although it can be controversial between parents of different parenting styles, one thing is for sure…. if you do intend to sleep train your child, you will need a well made and reliable bed so that one can have a peace of mind that the child is sleeping safely and securely.

One of our clients commissioned a tall cot bed with us to sleep train her child who is rather active and has entered the climbing phase of development. By building a tall cot bed that is secure and robust, the child will sleep safely and will be dissuaded from climbing out from the cot bed so easily. This way, the child will be safe and sound during the sleep training phase.

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