A lot of times, furniture makers ask too many irrelevant questions which make the entire process of making a simple piece of custom kids furniture into a long complex one. We’re not believers of complex. We like to keep it simple.

Building a custom furniture for your kids is easy. Just follow these 4 steps to get started.

Step 1: Find a Reference

A lot of our inspirations come to us from the photos that we see on Pinterest or magazines and often times, we just want to recreate that look. Not many of us have the skills or time to do 3D drawings of furniture! So for us, we just ask for photos.

  • Select a photo or series of photos as a reference to what you wish to create. You can also send us links to photos on Pinterest or Instagram. The photos should be clear. The better the picture, the better the outcome.

Optional: If photos of the interior of the furniture (example: wardrobes or cabinets) are available, do send those to us as well.

Step 2: Get Measured

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that it will fit in perfectly to your space. Even those weird nooks and crannies can be made to look like a gem of a space once we’re done fitting the furniture in. To do this, we need measurements of your space or of the custom furniture you wish for us to create. We will typically require the width, height and depth of the furniture in millimeters (mm). You can also give us instructions for standard sizing such as “fits a standard single size mattress” or “height suitable for a 1 metre tall toddler”.

In cases where you need a professional to measure your space, do let us know and we will arrange for a carpenter to visit your home to take measurements for a small transport fee.

Step 3: Get a Quotation

Our team will assess your request and will clarify any doubts with you. At times, we will even send you a hand sketch to make sure we understand what you need. We’ll then get a quotation ready for you in a jiffy.

Step 4: Build

Our carpenters will then get to work building your custom kids furniture. We typically take 2 weeks to complete your furniture though for the more complex stuff, it will take longer.