Kiddy Beds

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There’s nothing more important than a good bed for our young ones. Its the place they get their good night’s sleep and, let’s be honest here, the better their sleep, the better it is for the parents.

It’s really not easy though. The parents we spoke to have all told us of how their kids have rolled off their bed in the middle of the night or how the beds available in the shops have funny mattress sizing or are just impossibly too large. Not forgetting the parents with more than 1 child. The bed has got to be share-friendly.

We wanted to try our hand at building a bed from scratch and turned to Houzz and Pinterest for ideas. We went absolutely crazy and wanted to do so many things but for a start, we decided to create a classic Scandinavian single bed with the option of having a pull-out-bed or convertible storage. We felt that it was the most practical option and provided just the right amount of versatility.

Some key features that we incorporated into our design:-

  1. Plywood construction with oak veneer finishing
  2. Customizable colors – We can probably find a close match to whatever color you want
  3. Fits standard single size mattresses so that no special or odd shaped mattresses needed to be purchased separately.
  4. Detachable bedrails to prevent our little ones from rolling off the bed. As your child grows up, these bedrails can be detached easily.
  5. Optional pull out bed for instant twin sharing capability. It also doubles us as storage if you don’t need the additional sleeper.
  6. Custom headboard option – Changing the design of the headboard
  7. Custom drawer option – Drawers instead of a pull out storage

Take a look at the finished product below or view more samplings of our in-house projects here.

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